Workshops are a central element of our club. Many members join with little to no data science experience, and our workshops are a great way of teaching one another necessary skills for work and for fun. Our workshops are also highly social, operating in a casual environment where all skill levels are welcome. We’ve taught workshops in beginning R, Adobe Illustrator, and leaflet, a map-building data visualization technology. Many of our sessions are recorded and put online onto our YouTube channel.


BeginnR is our fundamental class, necessary for every new club member to take. It starts from the ground-up, giving each student a base knowledge of R, tidyverse, and dplyr as well as basic data visualization skills.


MapboaRd is our introductory mapping workshop, in which our members to learn leaflet, a mapping library, and shiny, an interactivity library. After taking this class, members are ready to make dashboards from start to finish.

Adobe Illustrator

We taught an optional Adobe Illustrator course for members interested in digital design–creating logos, art, laser-cut designs, etc.

Live Data Pulling

We have a data pulling workshop that teaches you how to pull live data into an R visualization, in this case a leaflet/shiny dashboard.

Javascript + D3

This workshop teaches the basics of creating data visualizations with D3, the standard JavaScript package that news organizations, online publications, data analysis software, and mapping companies use to to create outward-facing, high-level graphics.


This workshop is an introductory workshop on how to fit basic regression models in R, with lots of text and explanation designed to help build some basic statistical intuition along the way.

Webscraping with RVest and RSelenium

Our Webscraping workshop explained how to extract or harvest data directly from websites using the R packages RVest and RSelenium.